Welcome to Freedom!
With Lucidity Direct you have the freedom to choose. We remove the middleman so you can talk directly to the medical practice. Take control of your work, and your life!
Lucidity Direct is 100% free for physicians
How it works

Pay rates based on your preferences.

Lucidity Direct lets you set preferred rates for shifts. When you get an offer, you negotiate directly with the medical practice. Agree to rates you like, counter ones you don’t. You have direct control over what you want to be paid.

You choose when you want to work by matching your availability with practices’ shift schedules in real time.

Matching your schedule with open shifts can be a headache. But with Lucidity Direct, you see medical practices’ shift schedules in real time. Simply compare their schedules with your own to find the best places and times to work. This is Lucidity Direct: the freedom and flexibility to work locums on your schedule.

Store credentials and documents safely and apply for opportunities with ease.

It can be a hassle to update and provide documentation for every new locums opportunity. So we made locums life more efficient by providing you with a place to safely store and modify your information. Now when a good job comes along, your credentials are right there to easily exchange with the medical practice.

Still have questions?
Do I have to pay a fee to use Lucidity Direct?
Not a dime! Our platform is free to providers. We’re paid by the awesome employers that hire you.
Should I worry about a malpractice policy?
No. Malpractice coverage will be provided by Lucidity Direct or the medical practice where you work after accepting an assignment.
How do you handle credentialing?
Simple. You work directly with the medical practice during the credentialing process. Your key documentation is already stored on our site, making it easy for everyone to access and exchange. As usual, there’s no fee for you.
What are some other benefits to using Lucidity Direct?
Our loyalty rewards program where your points equal cash, quick and secure third-party document sharing, and fast reliable pay…. to name a few.
Your Work. Your Life. Redefined.
We put you in control of your locums life!
Lucidity Direct is 100% free for physicians