When is the Best Time in Your Career to Work as a Locum Tenens Physician?
Lucidity Direct | Sep 25, 2018 | 3 minute read
As the need for temporary staffing increases, so do the opportunities to work as a locum tenens physician. But, is locum tenens work right for you where you are in your career?
While most physicians tend to take the more traditional path of working full-time in a hospital or medical practice, many are finding the flexibility and freedom of locums work appealing.
For the post-resident
There may be no better time to consider locums tenens than right after completing your residency. Naturally, post-residents often feel a need to find a great full-time job quickly. But this can often lead a physician into a setting they don’t enjoy, with paperwork, politics, and difficult shift assignments.
By starting your career as a locum tenens physician, you can try out a variety of work settings and locations, and figure out what works best for you.
Perhaps you did your residency in a hospital but want to see what it’s like to work in an urgent care facility or medical office. Maybe you’ve spent your life in one part of the country but want to explore others.
The flexibility of locum tenens work allows you to discover your preferences, and when you’re ready, choose the best setting and location for your full-time career.
For the full-time, established physician
Doing locums tenens work on the side can offer great benefits to physicians already in full-time jobs.
First, by working at different medical practices, you can see different cases and patients. This allows you to hone skills that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do in your current position.
Supplementary income is another appealing benefit for full-time physicians. If you need a little extra in order to meet a financial goal more quickly, taking on a few locums tenens jobs can help your reach your goal.
Plus, you may find being away from your full-time job and all its stressors can be freeing. With locums, you simply focus on seeing patients and don’t have to worry about the rest.
For the retiree or near-retiree
Medical professionals nearing the end of their career or retirees who want to stay busy can benefit from working as a locum tenens physician.
Some physicians nearing retirement may actually want to pick up extra locums work to help them meet their goals faster so they can retire sooner. Others may want to slow down, retire from their practice, and lighten their schedule while maintaining good work and pay.
If you are already retired, locums tenens is a flexible option that allows you the freedom to work when you want, travel more, and spend more time with your family.
Locums for a career
Of course, locums tenens work doesn’t have to be confined to just one time in your career. Many physicians have found that the flexibility, freedom, and pay makes it worth doing full-time.
Whether you’re just getting started, working full-time, or at retirement age, giving locums a try may be one of the best career decisions you ever make.
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